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Welcome to Kingdom Culture Chapel International

Welcome to Kingdom Culture Chapel International (KCCI), a vibrant community of faith where love, worship, and purpose converge. At KCCI, we are not just a church; we are a family united by a common desire to live out the transformative message of Jesus Christ.

Meet Our Pastors

In the heart of Kingdom Culture Chapel International (KCCI) are Bishop Denson and Reverend Joy Osato-Efionayi, a dynamic duo leading with love. Bishop Denson, a visionary rooted in sound doctrine, and Reverend Joy, a nurturer with a heart for people, together embody a marriage of ministry and a testament to the transformative power of faith and love.

Their collective vision for KCCI is simple yet profound: cultivate a Kingdom Culture where individuals encounter God’s grace, find authentic community, and are equipped to impact the world. Join us at KCCI, where Bishop Denson and Reverend Joy Osato-Efionayi lead not just a congregation but a family on a shared journey of faith, love, and purpose.


We are committed to raising champions and disciples for Jesus Christ from all nations.


We are a multicultural and multiracial congregation where champions are made, destiny is realized, hope is restored and the love of Christ is not only preached but practiced among ourselves and in our community (Northern VA)